About Us

Why choose AGI ?

AGI Wholesale stands as a prominent leader in the consumer electronics distribution sector. Located in Richardson, TX, our privately-owned enterprise embarked on its journey with a passion and expertise in consumer devices and hardware. In tandem with the dynamic evolution of the technology industry, AGI Wholesale embraced growth, forging connections with over fifty renowned brand names. This strategic expansion has bestowed upon our retailers and consumers an extensive selection of exclusive brands and products, tailored for diverse home and office environments.

Reliable Company who helps you grow

At AGI Wholesale, we empower our clientele, granting them the autonomy to select solutions that best align with their unique needs and business objectives. If you have a product poised for market entry but are unsure of the launch strategy, rest assured, we are here to lend our expertise. By establishing optimal distribution channels and executing effective marketing strategies, we are dedicated to ensuring your product reaches its ideal consumer audience.

Best Prices

Here at AGI we stay on-top of the market by offering competitive pricing to help you succeed.


We know its important to receive your product and make sure to do that with our secure shipping.


We not only have the best products - but also to always be in stock first with what you need.

Our Commitment

Since 2010, we have facilitated our clients with the latest phones and finest Apple products. We also deal in Smart Home devices, Fitness devices, Streaming devices, and home and kitchenware. With our affordable and flexible pricing policy, we cater to a network of domestic and international customers around the world.

Our continuous commitment to providing high-end technology sets us apart as the most valuable supplier in the electronic consumer market. Our team of experts and skilled professionals possess the practical knowledge to guide you in the best possible way.